About Us

Welcome to Latino Coalition for a Healthy California (LCHC), we appreciate your visit.  

At LCHC we enthusiastically support federal and state legislation that expands access to oral health and health care to millions of Californians who face challenges in accessing basic care in order to live healthy lives. California has made strides in reform to increase access to care; however, there is still a lot of work left to be done. We are working hard with our partners to ensure everyone who is eligible for new services can enroll and utilize their coverage and we continue to advocate for policy and robust safety net services so all Californians can have access to care.

We also work hard on the prevention of chronic disease by addressing environmental elements that impact health.  These elements include:  food security, including healthy marketing practices; education; community safety; housing that protects health; workforce and economic development; safe and accessible neighborhood parks and outdoor recreational opportunities; local art that promotes community identity; hope and efficacy; and racial and ethnic justice.  

Whether we are advocating for equitable policies and laws, pressing agencies to engage in more just practices, or working to increase the capacity of communities to address local concerns, LCHC continues to keep our commitment to advancing health equity and justice.  We are fortunate to have strong partners, a very supportive and active board, and a committed staff.

We invite you to join our work through our Regional Network, or by staying informed by signing up to receive event updates and action alerts.