Social & Economic Opportunity

Social & Economic Opportunity encompasses all of the elements within a community that generate opportunities for educational advancement, produce high-quality employment opportunities, and allow for the equitable distribution of wealth and resources, including access to health care and preventive programs and services.

Economic Justice

Economic Justice includes the availability of high-quality employment opportunities that are safe and pay living wages, ownership of assets such as homes and businesses by community members, taxation policies that benefit all members of a community, and the equitable distribution of wealth and resources.

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Educational Equity

Educational Equity exists when individuals have equitable access to high quality educational opportunities, materials, and instructors regardless of age, race, income, or ability status.

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Human Capital

Human Capital means that all individuals are provided with opportunities to access job training, education programs, or re-entry supports.

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Equitable Health Care Access

Equitable Health Care Access means that all individuals have access to affordable, high quality, culturally and linguistically appropriate care in a timely manner. This includes regular preventive care, in addition to emergency care, as well as mental health support.

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