About Our Research & Data

In addition to producing our own research and policy papers, LCHC aims to advance health equity by sharing the work of partners and leading experts focused on the social determinants of health, from housing to civic engagement. Our Research & Data highlights reports, multimedia, and novel research from many reputable organizations and research hubs.

Our Resources & Data spans three main elements that create and support healthy, thriving communities:

Supportive Communities

In Supportive Communities, the neighborhoods are safe, residents know one another and are involved in the community, and opportunities exist within the community for cultural expression and acceptance.

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Healthy Physical Environments

Healthy Physical Environments include opportunities for individuals to be healthy and flourish where they live, play, work, learn, and pray.

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Social & Economic Opportunity

Social &Economic Opportunity encompasses all of the elements within a community that generate opportunities for educational advancement, produce high-quality employment opportunities, and allow for the equitable distribution of wealth and resources, including access to health care and preventive programs and services.

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