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Politics & Health: Wrapping Up the 2014 Legislative Session

This year, we focused on supporting legislative measures to address and improve the health of our communities and reduce health disparities via chronic disease prevention, promoting safe and vibrant communities, increasing equitable access to health care, and working toward just immigration reform. We are proud that two of our co-sponsored bills have been signed into…

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Standing with Children

When I look at the pictures of the children that are in the US Customs and Border Protection detention centers, I cannot help but see the faces of my seven and fourteen year-old sons.  I see photographs of these children and cannot fathom the circumstances that would cause them to undertake a 1,700 mile journey…

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California State Sen. Ricardo Lara proposes health insurance regardless of immigration status

Press Telegram State Sen. Ricardo Lara, chairman of the state’s Latino Legislative Caucus, proposed legislation Friday that would expand health coverage for undocumented immigrants, who were specifically excluded from the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Lara, a Democrat who represents part of Long Beach, said immigration status shouldn’t bar people from coverage, especially…

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