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The following titles are linked to informational fact sheets supplied by the California Dental Association.
Los siguientes títulos están vinculados a hojas informativas suministrados por la Asociación Dental de California.

Oral Health and Chronic Diseases (Diabetes)
Salud Oral y Enfermedades Cronicas (Diabetes)

“The terms oral health and general health should not be interpreted as separate entities,” (Donna E. Shalala, former Secretary of Health and Human Services). Oral health is integral to general health and is essential to the overall health and wellbeing of all individuals. The early identification of oral disease may contribute to the early diagnosis and treatment for a number of systemic diseases. Oral health means more than healthy teeth. The word “oral” refers to the mouth which includes not only the teeth, gums and supporting tissue, but also the hard and soft palate, the mucosal lining of the mouth and throat, the tongue, the lips, the salivary glands, the chewing muscles and the jaw. The salivary glands are a model of other exocrine glands, and an analysis of saliva can provide clues of overall health or disease. A thorough oral examination can detect signs of nutritional deficiencies as well as a number of systemic diseases, including infections, immune disorders, injuries and some cancers. Periodontal diseases have been linked to a variety of conditions with systemic implications. Likewise, systemic diseases can have an impact on oral health. Studies have demonstrated an association between periodontal diseases and cardiovascular disease, stroke, respiratory infections, diabetes, osteoporosis, HIV, and adverse pregnancy outcomes.readmore

Bad Breath
Mal Aliento

Bad breath, also called halitosis, is a common condition and sometimes a distressing source of embarrassment. Frequently, people aren’t even aware there’s a problem. While there are many causes for bad breath, it most commonly results from a lack of good oral hygiene. Daily brushing and flossing and regular dental checkups and cleanings are the best prevention for bad breath. However, when bad breath persists, despite good oral health, there may be other reasons for mouth odor and a consultation with your CDA member dentist or physician is in order.readmore

Oral Health and Aging
Sonrisas de Por Vida

Smiles for Life is a program developed in response to the need for education and awareness on the importance of continued good oral health for older adults. This program serves older adults living independently at home and semidependent older adults who need partial or full assistance from a family member or other care giver.



When you’re missing some or all of your teeth, there are several methods for replacing them. Your CDA member dentist will discuss your options with you and help you decide the best plan for you. In the event you are missing all of your natural teeth, a complete removable denture is often the recommended way to replace them. Replacing missing teeth benefits both your health and your appearance. It improves speaking and eating, improves your smile and, especially in the case of a complete denture, helps support your facial muscles, providing a more youthful appearance.readmore

Taking a bite out of oral health inequities

Oral health is more than toothaches, caries, and plaque. In fact, oral health can significantly impact one’s overall health. It contributes to school absences and poor academic performance. It can lead to missed work days and even trouble getting a job. And it can also contribute to and worsen serious chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. However, oral health is often overlooked as a pressing health issue.readmore