About Our Policy Priorities

As the leading organized statewide voice on Latino health, we assist decision-makers throughout the state to develop policies and programs that create the social, economic and environmental conditions that improve the health of Latinos, while also mobilizing local and statewide organizations around specific policies and legislation. In addition, LCHC is a founding member of the Latino Health Alliance, a coalition of statewide organizations with expertise on Latino health dedicated to improving the health and well-being of California’s Latinos.

With the valued perspectives of our staff, Board of Directors, policymakers, health experts and Latino community members, the Latino Coalition for a Healthy California seeks to:

  • Improve the health of Latinos by addressing the adverse social, economic, educational and environmental conditions, and inequities in quality of health care that underpin disparities in the health status of our population;
  • Make available high quality, culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate health care, and prevention services to everyone regardless of ability to pay or immigration status;
  • Support individuals to make informed choices that favor better health outcomes; and
  • Empower communities to fully participate in health planning, implementation, evaluation and advocacy.

Our Areas of Focus

  • Prevention 
    Focus: Prevent disease and injury and promote conditions that increase health equity and health justice.
  • Health Care Access & Oral Health 
    Focus: Increase access to affordable, high quality, culturally and linguistically appropriate care in a timely manner for all Californians.

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