Immigrant Health Information & Resources

Immigrant Health


Healthcare is a human right, regardless of immigration status.

You have the right to:
  • Receive emergency health care services, regardless of immigration status
  • Enroll into a California county or state health program you are eligible for
  • Safe and protected information through state and federal laws
You have the rights to the following services:
  • Translation services
  • Report mistreatment
Undocumented Californians and immigrants can access state or county health programs, based on status, income and availability:
  • State Health Services
    • Full-Scope Medi-Cal and Emergency Medi-Cal
  • County Health Services
    • County Health Program - services are based on the level of investment each county has provided its residents
Immigration Status Health Program Income Eligibility 
Undocumented Child (0 to 19 yrs old) Full-Scope Medi-Cal At or below 266% FPL
DACA Recipient (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) Full-Scope Medi-Cal At or below 138% FPL
Undocumented Pregnant Women Emergency-Medi-Cal At or below 322 FPL
Undocumented Adult Emergency-Medi-Cal County Health Program At or below 138% FPL
Legal Permanent Resident Full-Scope Medi-Cal At or below 138% FPL
**Eligibility is based on your FPL (Federal Poverty Level) and available health programs in your county**
Click HERE to find out FPL (Federal Poverty Level) percentage.
Click HERE to find out what California Health Program you are eligible for. For more information, visit our trusted partners:
  • iAmerica - Know Your Health Rights in California
  • National Immigration Law Center - Health Care
  • Click HERE to find a California Health Center near you. All health centers can help you enroll.