LCHC Statement on CA Immigrant Disaster Relief Fund

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                                     April 15th, 2020

Contact: Jeffrey Reynoso, 

The Latino Coalition for a Healthy California (LCHC) commends Governor Newsom on his powerful leadership to support California’s immigrants affected by COVID-19.

SACRAMENTO, CA — Latino Coalition for a Healthy California issued the following statement:

The Latino Coalition for a Healthy California applauds the life-saving financial support Governor Newsom announced today for integral members of our Latino community – Immigrant Workers and Undocumented Californians. LCHC stands in solidarity with immigrants who make up essential members of our state. Immigrants contribute to not only the social and cultural richness of our state but to our leading economy. Undocumented residents contribute about $1.53 billion to tax revenue in California and about $11.64 billion across the nation, yet this productive section of the population was actively left out of the Federal CARES Act and will not benefit from the federal economic stimulus checks planned to be distributed in the upcoming months.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is playing out exactly how we would expect from a social determinants of health perspective: race, class, zip code, age, disability and immigration status are all predictors of health outcomes. Health disparities for communities of color have been intensified given the inability to pay for essential needs like rent and food during the quarantine. The truth is that the Latinx immigrant community was already in defense mode prior to COVID-19. The community has been under attack with anti-immigrant policies at a federal level including increased ICE raids and the implementation of the public charge ruling. We’ve heard evidence from our local partners including community health centers that immigrants have been deciding to stay home and not seek preventive health care and social services. This financial support will save lives and will begin to address these inequities.” said Dr. Reynoso.

Given the lack of inclusion from federal relief efforts, immigrant families were forced to face the financial repercussions of this crisis alone. Today, Governor Newsom leads our state into protecting extremely valuable members of our community and economy. The safety of ALL Californian’s ensures the protection of our state’s health and economy. This momentous decision provides a powerful example for the rest of the nation and an opportunity for other governors to step up and address the needs of ALL residents, regardless of citizenship status. 

Governor Newson, LCHC and the Latino community thank you for uniting us in solidarity to our fellow brothers and sisters – Gracias.



About LCHC:

Latino Coalition for a Healthy California (LCHC)—the only statewide organization with a specific emphasis on Latino health—was founded by health care providers, consumers and advocates in 1992 to impact Latino health by focusing on policy development, providing enhanced information, and community involvement.