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AB 1357: It Doesn’t End Here!

No se acaba aqui!  It doesn’t end here! We are disappointed with the outcome of yesterday’s Assembly Health Committee vote on AB 1357 (Bloom): Children & Family Health Promotion Program. Some of our key legislators chose to silence the discussion of how to address California’s diabetes crisis by voting no or abstaining on AB 1357 when it…

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California Can’t Wait to Fight Diabetes

On May 12, the California Assembly Health Committee will hear a new bill seeking to address one of the major health crises of our time. AB 1357 (Bloom) – The Children and Family Health Promotion Program – will create a dedicated revenue source enabling California to start to address the diabetes epidemic that is impacting…

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Un Paso Patras, Dos Pasos Pa’lante

For me, the fight against poverty is personal. Although I was fortunate enough to be born to a family that could provide for my siblings and me, my peers in Arvin and Bakersfield, CA were not as fortunate. Through my parents’ hard work and sweat, I grew up with enough food on the table, obtained…

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Overcoming Our Environment

Many times I wonder why the Latino community has such a large and disproportionate percentage of dropouts, teen pregnancy, low-income families, and type 2 diabetes and heart disease patients. Frederick Jackson Turner argues that one’s environment defines who one is in terms of behavior and the decisions one makes. As in many other communities, this…

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SB 1000 Defeated, But We Remain Committed

It hasn’t been quite 24 hours since SB 1000 (Monning): the sugar sweetened beverages safety warning bill stalled in the California Assembly’s Health Committee.  For our staff, the sting of defeat hasn’t yet gone away.  Knowing that type 2 diabetes (diabetes) has reached epidemic levels in the Latino community, and that caloric sweeteners, especially sugar and…

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Sugary Beverages, Diabetes and Latinos

Bubbling Over: Sugary Beverages, Diabetes and Latinos

The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research and the California Center for Public Health Advocacy recently released Still Bubbling Over, a report showing that the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages, including soda, sports drinks, and energy drinks, is increasing among Latino adolescents living in California.  This is troubling both for Latinos as well as for…

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