Gratitude and Health on Immigrant Day



This  Immigrant Day and every day, we honor and thank undocumented families and immigrant communities for their strength, sacrifice and contributions to California by uniting our voice at the state capitol.  Latino Coalition for a Healthy California joined numerous community members and organizations in Sacramento to advocate for policy that can impact the health, safety and well-being of undocumented Californians and immigrants in our state.

Undocumented families and immigrants are the backbone of the state, they make up 9 percent of all workers in California, contribute over 2 billion dollars in tax revenues, and 130 billion dollars to California’s economy. They are the unseen heroes that drive progress in California. The beauty and development of California is largely due to the hard work and labor of many undocumented Californians and immigrants that live and work here. Our scholars, day laborers, future doctors, housekeepers, engineers and teachers are all a part of California’s immigrant and undocumented community that daily contribute to move California forward. Gratitude for their resilience is demonstrated every day, but especially this Immigrant Day in the halls of the state capitol.













Update on Immigrant Health


We are excited to announce that California now provides access to health care services for children under the age of 19, regardless of immigration status. Health4Kids is a victory of the three yearlong health4all campaign to win healthcare access forall Californians, regardless of immigration status, led by immigrants’ rights leaders and health advocates in California.

A week has passed since the implementation of health4kids and it is increasingly important that we continue to spread the word and share this opportunity with undocumented families. It is estimated that 170,000 children in California now have access to Full-Scope Medi-Cal, California’s version of the federal Medicaid program. Full-Scope Medi-Cal includes preventive care services such as annual checkups, regular doctor visits, vaccinations, mental health and dental care treatment. Parents can enroll their children today and apply any time of the year. Services are free of cost to families that qualify.

It is essential that undocumented families feel safe and protected in hospitals and community clinics; they are spaces of healing and care for people in a vulnerable state of their life.

Undocumented and immigrant families can enroll their children without worrying whether their personal information and immigration status, will be shared. The fear of deportation and contact with pol[ICE] can prevent undocumented families from enrolling into health programs and trust that their identity will be protected. However, it is important to inform undocumented and immigrant families that their personal information is safe and will NOT be shared with immigration officials or used for immigration enforcement purposes. Medi-Cal will only use their personal information to check eligibility status for health coverage.

LCHC is committed to continue our work with our partners to improve health outcomes for our immigrant communities across the state.