Fellowship Opportunity with Open Society

Deadline: January 10, 2017 Location: San Diego, CA Apply online here. The Open Society Foundations’ Youth Exchange, in partnership with the Human Rights Initiative and the Open Places Initiative, seeks applicants for its Community Youth Fellowships. The fellowships come with an award of $60,000 for full-time, 18-month projects (prorated for part-time or 12-month projects). The…

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Announcement for Executive Director position.

Executive Director Posting

For more information on the Executive Director position, click here. Position Summary The Executive Director serves as the head and most visible advocate of the leading organization in the state for addressing health concerns of the Latino community through public policy and advocacy.  The Executive Director oversees the development and implementation of LCHC’s operational and…

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Photo Contest Ad Image

Canzilla Instagram Photo Contest

Thank you for your interest in the Canzilla Instagram Photo Contest. The mission of this contest is for participants to submit images that illustrate the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages can have negative impacts on one’s health. Please note this contest is restricted to U.S. Residents only. SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE 11:59PM ON SATURDAY NOVEMBER 5,…

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Education is Power

By Rebecca DeLaRosa, Latino Coalition for a Healthy California A few weeks ago, Blanca, a community resident and leader, shared with me her diabetes story. Blanca’s diabetes began during her pregnancy when she developed gestational diabetes. Managing her diabetes is a day to day struggle and trying to live a healthy life isn’t always easy. She often…

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Yo no pinté mis sueños, pinté mi realidad, porque era lo único que tenía o porque era lo único que conocía. 

  -Frida Kahlo

Latina and Proud

Yo no pinté mis sueños, pinté mi realidad, porque era lo único que tenía o porque era lo único que conocía.   -Frida Kahlo BY:  FERNANDA MENDOZA Being a Latina is a title to be proud of. At the age of six, my family and I  immigrated from Mexico to the United States leaving all we…

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Why I’m getting engaged this election: Health4All

BY JUAN CARLOS VERDIN Special to Vida en el Valle My name is Juan Carlos. I am a 20-year-old sociology student at California State University, Sacramento, and this year I decided, for the first time in my life, to vote. Like many young Latinos in California, I was unaware of the value of my vote…

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Taking a Stand With Canzilla

My name is Jose Martinez, a student at Natomas High School in Sacramento. I am a member of the local Brown Issues Sacramento Chapter.  This organization gave me an outlet to channel my frustrations about the inequities facing my community. Brown Issues gave me a platform where I am able to shine.  Starting at Natomas…

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Sugar Sweetened Beverage

¡Azúcar! Not always so sweet.

Before interning at Latino Coalition for a Healthy California (LCHC) the aspects of public health I had been exposed to were in  health education, prevention, and intervention of sexual health and HIV/AIDS. What drew me to intern at LCHC was their commitment to advocacy and social justice to the Latino community who often face greater…

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Ignorance Isn’t Always Bliss

    I can honestly and boldly say that before interning with Latino Coalition for a Healthy California (LCHC) I was naive to the issues that were affecting Latinos. I knew that Latinos faced obstacles when it came to adequate health care, poverty and immigration but I was not aware of the severity of these…

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Gratitude and Health on Immigrant Day

REFLECTION ON IMMIGRANT DAY   This  Immigrant Day and every day, we honor and thank undocumented families and immigrant communities for their strength, sacrifice and contributions to California by uniting our voice at the state capitol.  Latino Coalition for a Healthy California joined numerous community members and organizations in Sacramento to advocate for policy that…

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