LCHC believes that neighborhoods should be safe, residents should know one another and opportunities should exist for cultural expression and acceptance.

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LCHC advocates for physical environments where individuals can be healthy and flourish where they live, play, work, learn, and pray.

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LCHC works to create opportunities for educational advancement, produce high-quality employment opportunities, and allow for the equitable distribution of wealth and resources.

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Featured Resources

The Bigger Picture – Youth Speaks


The videos currently featured on our Voces page are PSAs created by The Bigger Picture, a collaboration between Youth Speaks and the University of California, San Francisco Center for Vulnerable Populations. The videos were designed to combat the rising epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes by empowering youth to change the conversation about the disease, and work to…

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Open Truth


The Open Truth campaign is an effort by San Francisco Bay Area youth, public health officials and concerned community members to increase awareness about the health impacts of sugary drinks. Additionally, Open Truth exposes the tactics of the sugary drinks industry, which targets young people, parents, and communities of color in order to increase profits…

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From the Blog

ca budget

Governor Brown’s State Budget Revise Highlights

On May 14th, Governor Jerry Brown released his revised state budget. The budget included a $6.7 billion increase in General Fund revenues compared to the proposed January budget. There was emphasis on paying off liabilities and putting money into the Rainy Day Fund. Below are some necessary and noticeable adjustments in the budget: Higher Education –…

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AB 1357: It Doesn’t End Here!

No se acaba aqui!  It doesn’t end here! We are disappointed with the outcome of yesterday’s Assembly Health Committee vote on AB 1357 (Bloom): Children & Family Health Promotion Program. Some of our key legislators chose to silence the discussion of how to address California’s diabetes crisis by voting no or abstaining on AB 1357 when it…

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