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Sugar-Coating Science: How the Food Industry Misleads Consumers on Sugar

Sugar Coating

Billions of dollars are spent annually by food and beverage manufacturers along with industry-supported organizations such as trade associations, front groups, and public relations (PR) firms on emotional appeals such as these. Such ads insert the brands and products into our everyday lives, infuse our psyches with manufactured cravings for them, and shape the complex…


An Inside Look at Chronic Disease and Health Care among Hispanics in the United States


The health of the United States is closely tied to that of Hispanic Americans. Approximately 50.6 million people now identify themselves as Hispanic American, and by 2060 that number is expected to double to almost one-third of the U.S. population.  As the Latino community grows, so will the prevalence of chronic conditions that Hispanics face,…


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Politics & Health: Wrapping Up the 2014 Legislative Session

This year, we focused on supporting legislative measures to address and improve the health of our communities and reduce health disparities via chronic disease prevention, promoting safe and vibrant communities, increasing equitable access to health care, and working toward just immigration reform. We are proud that two of our co-sponsored bills have been signed into…

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School Food

Un Paso Patras, Dos Pasos Pa’lante

For me, the fight against poverty is personal. Although I was fortunate enough to be born to a family that could provide for my siblings and me, my peers in Arvin and Bakersfield, CA were not as fortunate. Through my parents’ hard work and sweat, I grew up with enough food on the table, obtained…

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