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To Help Latinos Age Well, We Need to Address Inequities

Norma has been working since she was a teenager. She started working as a farmworker, then became a cannery worker and now works in childcare. Despite decades of hard work—sometimes holding down two jobs—now at 60 years old, she is unsure if she “will ever be able to retire,” said Norma, whose name has been…

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How to Help Latino Seniors? Ask Them

Ari Gonzalez, a 65-year-old Sacramento resident, knows it could be worse. She has diabetes, but uses Medicare to help cover her health costs. She struggles to make ends meet, but takes care of her nutrition needs through the use of Supplemental Security Income at local farmers’ markets and grocery stores. But for some of her…

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‘La orden ejecutiva de salud de Trump es engañosa’

Organizaciones y entidades de salud señalan que medida firmada por el Presidente sería devastador para los usuarios de Obamacare La neuva orden ejecutiva crea ofertas de seguro de salud médico más baratas y fuera del estado. Entre otros cambios, permitirá que las personas puedan comparar y comprar seguros fuera de sus estados de residencia; algo…

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